La Bamba Torta


Diced Carne Asada, Beef Chorizo, Hot Cherry Peppers, Cheese, Raw Onions Fresh Avocado, Rosemary Aioli on a Telera Roll.

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Get Ready to Dance with Flavor: La Bamba Torta at El Pirata Tortas y Burritos!

Experience a fiesta of flavors with our La Bamba Torta, a tantalizing creation that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Featuring diced carne asada, flavorful beef chorizo, fiery hot cherry peppers, melted cheese, raw onions, creamy fresh avocado, and a hint of rosemary aioli, all nestled within a soft Telera roll, this torta is a celebration of bold and savory goodness.

Fiesta of Flavors:

Diced Carne Asada: Tender and seasoned to perfection, our diced carne asada brings a hearty and satisfying meaty flavor to the torta.
Beef Chorizo: Our flavorful beef chorizo adds a rich and spicy kick, elevating the taste experience with its bold flavors.
Hot Cherry Peppers: Spice up your meal with fiery hot cherry peppers, adding a burst of heat that enhances the overall flavor profile.
Melted Cheese: A melty layer of cheese binds the ingredients together, adding creaminess and richness to each bite.
Raw Onions: Fresh and crisp raw onions provide a sharp and tangy contrast, balancing the richness of the meats and cheese.
Fresh Avocado: Creamy slices of fresh avocado add a cool and buttery texture, complementing the savory elements of the torta.
Rosemary Aioli: Our fragrant rosemary aioli brings a unique herbal note and a creamy texture, tying all the ingredients together with its aromatic flavor.

Pair it Perfectly:
Choose your favorite side to accompany La Bamba Torta and complete your flavorful meal experience.

Join the Fiesta:
Visit El Pirata Tortas y Burritos and dive into the vibrant flavors of La Bamba Torta. Whether you’re craving bold spices or indulgent meats, this torta promises a fiesta of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

6124 12th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 571-2754

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